Battery Service

To put it in medical terms your car’s battery is its heart. When the battery dies, your car dies. And when those two die, so do your travel plans.

If you’re lucky, your battery will expire when you’re in our parking lot. But that’s not really realistic, is it?

If you’re in doubt about the age and condition of your battery, stop by and let us perform one of our diagnostic tests. Sure it may take a few minutes, but what’s the alternative? Your battery is lifeless early one morning when you’re trying to get to work or it goes south when your daughter is coming home from a late night outing with her friends.

If you’re interested in the science of it, here’s what we do to measure the condition of your battery…

Load Test This is a 15 second discharge of the battery at a ½ cold cranking amp level. A more accurate testing method than a voltmeter or a hydrometer, the load test is often required to determine if a battery is still viable.

Specific Gravity Test This test is preformed with a hydrometer - a hand-held tool which determines the state of charge in a lead acid battery with great accuracy.

Open Circuit Voltage Test (OCV): An OCV test is performed with a voltmeter. It is the only way to determine the state of charge in a sealed no-maintenance battery. We don’t recommend an OCV test substitute for the Specific Gravity Test in a serviceable battery. The Specific Gravity Test is the more accurate test.

At Dallas Auto Sports we believe in investing in state of the art equipment. This philosophy allows us to more accurately diagnosis problems. This minimizes repair time and, you guessed it, lowers your repair bill. Sounds counter-productive since we’re a for-profit company, but lower repair bills and greater accuracy have a very nice effect on repeat business and referrals.

In the area of battery diagnostics, we have a state of the art MidTronics battery charging system. If your battery is low or dead, we can recharge it in 40 minutes or less. Using MidTronics patented RTD (Real Time Diagnostics) technology, we can continuously test and monitor your battery during fast charging sessions. This ensures your battery is charged quickly and safely.

So let’s recap…

  • Your battery is essential to your vehicle’s operation.

  • Batteries never, ever fail at a good time. In fact, they can leave you or your loved ones stranded in a very precarious situation.

  • A battery check can usually be done quite quickly, while you wait in most instances.

  • We have superior testing equipment (and personnel) to give you an accurate reading.

And, if a new battery is needed, we carry a full line of Dallas’ very own Interstate Batteries.

So don’t leave the heart of your car to chance. Stop in for a quick check-up.

As they say…knowledge is power.

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