Charging System

Ever wonder where the electricity comes from that powers your car’s CD player? Or AC fan? Or headlights? Or, at the risk of being politically incorrect, cigarette lighter? Well, your alternator plays a key role in that process as it supplies a sufficient level of current to ensure that the state of charge in your battery is always maintained at an adequate level.

Connected to your engine by a series of pulleys and a belt, the alternator produces (not too surprisingly) alternating current to recharge the battery and operate the car’s electrical equipment. But, since the electrical system requires direct current, a device in the alternator known as a bridge rectifier converts the three phase alternating current into direct current. Alternators can be damaged when someone attempts to jump-start a dead battery, crosses the jumper cables, or disconnects a battery cable while the engine is still running.

In order to function properly, an alternator must withstand significant temperature fluctuations (especially in the summer), as well as vibration, moisture and dirt…not to mention constant rotation. And, it’s expected to do so without noise while providing long-lasting, trouble-free service. As mechanical items are known to do, alternators wear out and break. Unfortunately they fall in that category of car parts that, if they malfunction, can leave you high and dry.

If you suspect your alternator is an underachiever, stop by Dallas Auto Sports. A few minutes with our technicians and test equipment and you’ll receive a dependable diagnosis on the state of your car’s electrical equipment. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, a battery check is also a worthwhile undertaking as that will provide you with a good overview of your car’s electrical system. This sort of analysis is especially reassuring before you or a loved one starts a long trip.

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