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Several years back a manufacturer of oil filters advertised their products with the slogan “Pay me now or pay me later”. Their message was that regular inexpensive oil changes were a far more economical approach versus ignoring this maintenance only to have a catastrophic (and catastrophically expensive) engine failure later.

Our Philosophy

That sums up Dallas Auto Sports philosophy as it relates to engine oil changes. Generally, we recommend engine oil and filter replacement every 3,000 miles…a far more intelligent approach than replacing an engine which can easily cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Google the phrase “engine oil change” and you’ll receive nearly 4 million hits…a lot of literature on the subject to be sure. Our 3,000 mile recommendation is entirely consistent with some of the most respected names in the automotive manufacturing and lubricant world.

Oil’s Mission

Let’s spend a few minutes looking at the two jobs oil performs. First, it reduces friction by putting a layer of oil between the rapidly moving parts of your engine and secondly it dissipates heat away from the hottest parts of the engine. Old, worn out oil loses its ability to work in both of these critical areas.

Ignore the 3,000 mile oil change recommendation and you become a prime candidate for engine sludge.

Sludge - A Nasty Word

Sludge, about the consistency of mayonnaise, restricts the free-flow of engine oil throughout your engine. Give sludge a chance to form and you’ve reduced heat transfer, increased operating temperature, hampered engine operation and set the stage for shortened engine life. Remember our earlier comment about catastrophic (and catastrophically expensive) engine failure?

Soot – A Four Letter Word

Soot, a component of sludge, is a product of incomplete combustion. It’s a carbon product that enters the crankcase with exhaust blow-by gases that escape past the piston rings. Since soot is a very fine powder, it thickens oil (also called soot loading) and makes it much less efficient. Hot oil, that’s not circulating properly, will burn and form deposits.

Quality oil that’s changed frequently has the necessary additives to hold these tiny carbon particles in suspension until the oil is changed and they are effectively removed from the engine. Oil that’s in the engine too long loses its ability to hold these particles in suspension thus they join together and contribute to sludge.

Heat – Another Four Letter Word

Back on the subject of engine heat…as engine temperatures increase, oil is subject to oxidation which becomes more severe as your temperature gauge climbs. Oxidation causes oil to thicken and produces corrosive acids and, in a worst-case scenario, degrades oil until it reaches a tar-like consistency.

In addition to soot and heat, your engine oil must deal with the fuel your engine burns as well as the condensation of water in your crankcase. Then too, the acids that form when your fuel burns dirt and the engine coolant that finds its way into your crankcase are also detrimental to your oil’s ability to do its job.

While it may seem like you need a crystal ball and degree in chemistry to operate your car, the good news is that the above issues can usually all be resolved with regular 3,000 mile oil and filter changes.

Fuel Economy

Let’s briefly talk about fuel economy and how frequent oil changes can help that important statistic. If you’re like us, current gas prices raise the “ouch” factor in driving. We have seen research that says that dirty or substandard engine oil can cost you .5 mile per gallon. Maybe that’s not enough to send your kid to college but you’d be surprised how many people we talk to who are anxious to do all they can to improve fuel economy…even a half mile per gallon.

Take That to the Bank

The bottom line when it comes to oil and filter changes? 3,000 miles. Period. And you can take that to the bank.

If you have questions we haven’t answered (and we haven’t even touched upon the suitability of synthetic oils), give us a call, stop by, or email us.

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