Pre-Buy Inspection

Lots of us look at new cars (and especially new car price stickers) and quickly decide that we’re going to let someone else take that first big depreciation hit.

So we find our dream car after it’s racked up several thousand miles and has a much more reasonable price tag. Then the doubt arrives. What kind of shape is this puppy really in? Has it been babied or abused?

Sure you can kick the tires and pop the hood for a look-see but if you’re like a lot of people we deal with, the finer points of today’s automobiles are beyond comprehension…especially those elements you can’t see inside of like engines, transmissions and on-board computers.

That’s where we come in. Dallas Auto Sports offers a Pre-Buy Inspection service that’s designed to dig into that dream car of yours and tell you whether it’s a dreamboat or a nightmare.

Give us a call for current pre-buy inspection rates that include a full report on the vehicle’s drive train, suspension, electrical, brake, tires and A/C systems. Like the rest of the services we provide, our premise is that knowledge is power…so our report will tell you the shape of your (potential) new ride and what you can expect in the way of repair bills - should it be less than pristine.

Whether your next acquisition is mild or wild, our Pre-Buy service will buy you a lot of peace of mind before you start negotiating for that dream ride.

To get the process started call for an appointment…214.320.2228.

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